The Ultimate Detail

(6 to 8 Hour Completion Time)

This is a very comprehensive and well appointed detail package

  • wash and dry
  • engine clean and shine
  • clean wheels, tires, fender wells
  • bug, tar and road grime removal
  • clean door jams
  • vacuum and complete blow out
  • dry clean carpets and upholstery
  • shampoo carpets and upholstery
  • clean headliner
  • clean vinyl, leather and plastic
  • condition vinyl, leather and plastic
  • clean trunk/spare tire
  • clean all glass inside and out
  • shine tires/fender wells/exterior trim
  • Clay Bar (deep contaminate removal from paint/glass)
  • One Step Gloss Enhancement Polishing Service 
  • Pet Hair Removal included
  • Malodor Removal Included

Includes 1 Year Ceramic Coating

Starting At $350.00


After We Complete This Detail, You'll Think You Bought A New Car


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