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The Affinity Showroom Detail

(8 to 10 Hour Completion Time)

This is a very comprehensive and well appointed detail package

  • wash and dry
  • engine clean and shine
  • clean and polish wheels
  • clean and protect tires and fender wells
  • bug, tar and road grime removal
  • clean and protect door jams
  • clean fuel filler door
  • vacuum and complete blow out
  • replace cabin air filter (client provides air filter)
  • deodorize and sanitize fresh air vents
  • dry clean carpets and upholstery (to remove as much soil as possible prior to shampooing)
  • shampoo carpets and upholstery
  • clean headliner
  • clean vinyl, leather and plastic
  • clean all glass inside and out
  • dress tires/fender wells
  • Includes Pet Hair Removal
  • Includes Bio-hazard Clean Up
  • Includes Trunk Disassemble, Detail And Reassemble
  • Includes Steam Extraction (heavy stain removal)
  • Includes Steam Sanitizing Interior Surfaces
  • Includes UV Protection Interior Surfaces
  • Includes Fabric Protection Interior Carpets/Mats/Upholstery
  • Includes Clay Bar Paint Decontamination
  • Includes One Step Paint Gloss Restoration And Micro Abrasion Removal
  • Includes Polish Chrome/Tail Pipes
  • Includes Water Spot Removal All Exterior Surfaces
  • Includes Windshield Coating With 6 Months Repelling Effect
  • Includes 1 Year Ceramic Coating Paint Protection*
  • ​Includes Exterior Trim Restoration and Protection
  • Includes Complementary 6 Month Express Detail Check-Up

Sedans $400

Small SUV/Mid Size Trucks $500

Large Trucks/Large SUV's $600

Minivans $600

Upgrade to a 2 Year Ceramic Coating With Warranty For Only*



After We Complete This Detail, You'll Think You Bought A New Car

In Certain Cases, Your Vehicle May Need A Second Step To Remove Micro Abrasions, And The Cost Will Be Determined Once Vehicle Is Assessed

*Must enroll in 1 year monthly maintenance program at $75 per month

Includes once per month mobile service:

Full exterior wash and dry

​clean tires, wheels, fender wells, door jams

full interior vacuum

clean windows and shine tires

Also includes Ceramic Coating Spray Wax with each service to help preserve initial coating

Includes A Maintenance Top Coat After 1 Year Of Service (A $200 Value)