Paint Correction (swirl removal, minor scratch removal) Services Available. Please ask your detail technician for more information prior to booking.

One Step Gloss Enhancement Starts at $100

Two Step Paint Correction Starts at $400

Acid Rain Removal (Paint) Per Estimate

​Wet Sanding For Major Paint Correction Per Estimate

"The Complete Premium Detail"

​(4.5 to 5.0 hours)

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​​This detail package covers it all! Bumper to Bumper, inside and out we skip no detail. Your vehicle will be returned to you clean, dry and protected.

  • clean and dress engine bay
  • wash and dry (includes bug and tar removal)
  • clean door jams, tires, and fender wells
  • complete interior vacuum and blow out
  • shampoo carpets, floor mats, upholstery
  • steam extraction stain removal
  • ​steam sanitize interior surfaces
  • clean all vinyl, leather, plastic
  • detail trunk area/spare tire
  • shine tires
  • clean all glass surfaces
  • Includes Paint Decontamination
  • Includes One Year Paint Protection
  • Includes Exterior Trim Protection
  • Includes 60 Day Windshield Coating
  • Includes UV Protection Interior Surfaces
  • Includes Fabric Protection
  • Includes Polish Tail Pipes



Sedans                                      $225

Mid Size Trucks/Small SUV     $235

Large Trucks/SUV/Vans         $245


Excessively soiled exteriors or interiors, road paint removal, pet hair or bio-hazard clean up will incur a small up-charge


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Dry Clean Before Extraction

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"The Premium Exterior"

​(3.0 to 3.5 hours)

This is the detail package to select if you want your vehicles exterior to shine with amazing protection. This is definitely a head turner!

  • wash and dry (includes bug and tar removal)
  • clean door jams
  • shine tires
  • clean all glass surfaces
  • ​vacuum interior (including trunk)
  •  Includes Paint Decontamination
  • Includes One Year Paint Protection
  • ​Includes Exterior Trim Protection
  • ​Includes Windshield Coating
  • Includes Polish Tail Pipes


     Sedans                                                $120 

Mid Size Trucks/Small SUV               $130

Large Trucks/SUV/Vans                    $140


Excessively soiled exteriors or road paint removal will incur a small up-charge


Recommended Upgrade

One Step Gloss Restoration Only $100​

 SiO2 is a state of the art  Ceramic Coating that will give you up to 6 months protection with proper care. Unlike conventional waxes that may last up to one month, our coating has proven to last up to 24 washes, one per week for six months.

Affinity Premium Detail Packages Are Designed To Clean, Sanitize, And Protect Your Vehicles Interior and Exterior Surfaces. Just Choose Which Package Best Meets Your Needs And Your All Set... 

Pet Hair Removal

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Monday - Friday 8 to 6 Saturday 9 to 4


Other Services We Offer

       Headlamp Restoration               $40 each or $70 a set

       Smoke/Malodor Removal*         $75

       Water Spot Removal (glass)       Price based on severity

       Pet Hair Removal                      $50 to $100 (based on severity)

       Bio-Hazard Clean Up                 $100 (blood, vomit, feces)

"The Premium Interior"

​(3.0 to 3.5 hours)

No detail is missed on this package. From carpets to headliner, and dash to trunk we thoroughly clean every interior surface. Your vehicle is returned to you cleaned, DRY and smelling great!

  • complete vacuum and blow out
  • vacuum trunk/spare tire cleaning
  • shampoo carpets, floor mats and upholstery
  • clean all vinyl, leather, plastic
  • clean headliner
  • wash and dry
  • clean door jams
  • clean all glass surfaces
  • Includes Steam Extraction Stain Removal
  • Includes Steam Sanitizing Interior
  • Includes UV Protection Interior Surfaces
  • Includes Fabric Protection

Sedans                                              $120

Mid SizeTrucks/Small SUV              $130

Large Trucks/SUV's/Vans              $140

(There may be a small up-charge for pet hair or bio-hazard removal)