Affinity Interior "Heavy"

​"Ok, let's face the facts, sometimes life gets in the way, and your vehicle suffers. This Premium Package will breathe new life into your vehicle..especially the one that looks like a playground exploded in it!" 

  • compressed air blow out and vacuum (includes trunk)
  • clean door panels, dash, and center console, and all plastics, crevices and hard to reach areas (between seats, seat tracks, under seats, vents, all the "hidden" areas)
  • dri-clean carpet revitalization (see video at bottom of page)
  • shampoo carpets/floor mats
  • shampoo upholstery/clean leather seats
  • complete headliner clean
  • air ventilation sanitizing and deodorizing service
  • deep stain extraction/heavy stain removal
  • 318 degree steam sanitizing all surfaces
  • Fabric guard included
  • UV Interior Protection included

Sedans                                        $260

Trucks/Crossovers                $270

SUV's/Minivans                      $290


Affinity ​Interior "Light"

"Getting ready for a road trip, or just getting back?  Then this is the perfect package for you!"

  • compressed air blow out and vacuum (includes trunk)
  • dry clean carpets (see video at bottom of page)
  • clean door panels, dash, and center console
  • shampoo carpets/floor mats
  • shampoo upholstery, clean leather seats
  • steam clean all interior surfaces
  • clean headliner 

Sedans                                        $130

Trucks/Crossovers                $140

SUV's/Minivans                      $150

Fabric Guard and UV Interior Protection is a great way to protect your investment...only $50.00

​​All New Interior Detail Packages For Every Budget! From A Quick Basic Clean, To A Deep Down, "what in the world happened to my car" Detail, We Are Confident You Will Find Exactly What You Are Looking For. Who Knows, We May Find What You've Been Looking For As Well!


Monday - Friday 8 - 5

Saturday 9 - 1

​​​​"May Special"

Text "detail" to 980-328-7574 and get a gift card for $25 to use or share 

FREE Exterior Wash and Dry, Clean Door Jams, Clean Windows and Shine Tires with either Interior Detail Package! 

Dry cleaning carpets. No harsh chemicals, no heavy water saturation to cause odor or mold...just clean dry carpets..if heavy stains persist, we then spot clean and use steam to refresh the entire carpeted surface of your vehicle!

Add-Ons (not included in above packages)

  • $50 to $100 Pet Hair Removal
  • $100 Bio-Hazard Removal 
  • $100 to $300 Mold and Mildew Removal
  • $150 Smoke/Malodor Removal
  • $50 Fabric Guard and UV Protection (included in the premium)