"Premium Exterior Detail"

3 - 4 Hours

  • Includes Foam Canon Hyper Suds Wash
  • Includes Bug, Tar And Road Grime Removal
  • Includes Deep Clean Rims, Tires And Fender Wells
  • Includes Clean And Protect Door Jams
  • Includes Paint Decontamination
  • Includes Three Month Paint Protection (7h Ceramic Coating)
  • ​Includes Exterior Trim Protection
  • ​Includes 60 Day Windshield Coating
  • Includes Polish Tail Pipes
  • Finished Off With Interior Vacuum, Clean All Glass Surfaces, And Shine Tires​

Cars                           $100

Trucks                       $110

SUV's                         $120

​Minivans                   $130

We Offer Three Exterior Detail Packages For You To Choose From. If It's Just A Nice Wash Before The Weekend, Or A Really Deep Clean And Protection You're Looking For, Just Choose From One Of The Services Below!

"Express Exterior Detail"

​1-2 Hours

  • wash and dry
  • bug removal
  • clean door jams
  • 30 day paint protection
  • vacuum
  • clean and shine tires
  • clean windows

Cars                 $70

Trucks             $80

SUV's               $90

​Minivan           $100

Monday - Saturday 8 to 6 



We Also Offer A Wide Array Of Paint Correction Services From True Gloss Enhancement, Oxidation Removal, Minor Scratch Removal, And Water Spot Removal

One Step Gloss Enhancement                $100/$200

Two Step Micro Abrasion Removal       $400/$600

Water Spot Removal (Paint/Glass)               By Estimate

Heavy Oxidation Removal                      By Estimate