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Affinity's Persona Exterior Detail

"if it's protection you want, then it's protection you will get! Nothing beats the beautification and protection of Graphene Coating"

  • Wash and dry exterior
  • bug, tar, road grime removal
  • clean tires, wheels, fender wells, and door jams
  • Clay bar treatment
  • One Coat Graphene Coating Paint Protection*
  • Clean Windows (inside and out)
  • Shine Tires
  • ​Free Interior Vacuum Service 

Sedans                                     $129

Trucks/Crossovers             $149

SUVs/Minivans                    $169

​Graphene is the most up to date paint protection on the market. It will provide amazing gloss, and give you up to six months of resilient protection.  This is a spray on, hand applied coating. We offer longer lasting Ceramic Coatings on our Exterior Premium Detail Service.

​​"Whether you are looking for a quick clean and shine, or a gloss with a depth so deep you can see the future...we have two packages for you to choose from!"

August Special

"Book One Bravado Full Detail, Get 15% Off A Second Bravado Detail"

Affinity's Showroom Exterior Detail

"ok, so your car needs a face-lift... The Showroom Detail will do just that! Gloss will never look so good once we complete this detail! You may be able to swim in the paint...not really..but you get it"

  • Wash and dry exterior
  • bug, tar, road grime removal
  • ​clean tires, wheels, fender wells and door jams
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Paint decontamination
  • One Step Machine Polish Service
  •  One Coat Ceramic Coating Paint Protection*
  • Clean Windows (inside and out)
  • Shine Tires
  • Free Interior Vacuum Service
  • ​Free Windshield Glass Treatment

Sedans                                     $299

Trucks/Crossovers             $349

SUVs/Minivans                    $399

Ceramic Coating (SiO2), is basically liquified glass that physically bonds to your vehicles clear coat. It is much more resilient, and longer lasting than any other product on the market.  Traditional waxes start to break down at 125 degrees, whereas Ceramic Coating has a much higher flashpoint (around 1000 degrees). For more information, call our detail specialists at 980-328-7574.