Affinity Auto Detailing

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Level 2 Coating Package

  • Paint Correction*
  • Surface Decontamination
  • Pro 9h Hyper Gloss Protection
  • ​Drop Off Service Only

Level 3 Coating Package

  • Full Paint Correction Required
  • ​Surface Decontamination
  • Diamond Permanent 9h Coating
  • Drop Off Service Only

We have been correcting and protecting automotive finishes for over 28 years. The hard work that goes into correcting paint and removing blemishes, micro-abrasions, swirls and scratches must be protected properly. This is why we choose System X by Element 119. For more information please call us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

Level 1 Coating Package

  • One Step Paint Correction*
  • ​Surface Decontamination
  • Crystal 9H Hyper Gloss Protection
  • Mobile Service Available